Paramedic Response Units

The Scottish Ambulance Service uses Paramedic Response Units (PRU) in many parts of the country to ensure the fastest possible response to 999 calls. The Paramedic Response Unit delivers early clinical assessment and interventions for emergency patients. Further transport if required is provided by a traditional emergency ambulance. The Paramedic Response Unit is always manned by a single Paramedic.

Different types of vehicle are used to best suit the area they operate in. In urban areas, cars, motorbikes and bicycles operate, whereas in some areas 4x4 vehicles are more appropriate. Each vehicle carries life saving drugs and equipment for immediate treatment and resuscitation; however they do not transport patients to hospital. Once an emergency Ambulance arrives, the Paramedic will transfer the patient to the care of the Ambulance crew, so that the patient can be transported to hospital. This means that the Paramedic Rapid Response Unit is available to attend the next emergency call as quickly as possible.