Phase 2

Phase 2 has now commenced and involves evaluation of Phase 1 and making any further improvements, including:

  • enhancements to the use of MDT
  • continued development of the planning and day control functions
  • being more flexible and responsive to on the day changes and requests
  • making sure the correct PTS resources are available at times when patients require them, based on information available now collated in real time.

Phase 2 will also involve the development of more integrated working arrangements with the Scottish Ambulance Service A&E and Urgent Tier Service, which also supports discharge and hospital transfer services.  Moreover, we will work closely with alternative transport providers to be able to signpost to alternative services for people who do not have a need for transport based on medical, capacity or mobility need.

The Service will continue to participate in Steering Groups and Working Groups which have been tasked with developing integrated transport solutions to enable patients, their carers and families to get to hospitals and clinics from their homes in remote, rural and urban communities where current alternative transport options are currently limited.