Transport for Health and Social Care

The Scottish Ambulance Service recognises the need for greater joint working as highlighted in Audit Scotland’s recent report: Transport for Health and Social Care.

Within the Service there is an on-going programme to transform the Patient Transport Service, which undertakes over 1.5 million journeys every year, transporting patients to and from healthcare appointments, based upon their medical need.  As part of that initiative, project teams are and will continue to work with other NHS Boards, Local Authorities and Regional Transport Partnerships to develop more integrated solutions with a range of appropriate choices for patients.

The improvement plan will enable the Service to enhance the clinical care patients require to attend hospital or other healthcare facilities.  Our aim is to support patients, carers, health boards and local communities with appropriate ambulance care to access health care. Our investment in new technology will also mean that the Patient Transport Service will become a more flexible service that is responsive to patient need and peaks in demand.

Through the investment in technology, training and staff development, alongside the redesign of supporting infrastructure our primary objective is to achieve improved levels of patient care, and efficiency. The focus on appropriately managing demand, reducing unnecessary journeys and streamlining processes and systems will result in a better quality service with a more patient focussed, resource for those patients with a clinical or medical need for ambulance transport.

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