Outstanding Commitment from Ambulance Staff

 Wednesday 13 August 2014

Ambulance staff across Scotland showed their commitment and dedication to patients during the Commonwealth Games, maintaining high standards of care, despite an increase in demand.

Greater Glasgow saw an 8.8% increase in emergency demand, however the average response to a life threatening call was 4.5 minutes during the Games. Across all of Scotland there was a 3.7% increase in such demand with an average response time of 6.5 minutes to those most serious calls.

Over 240 staff from across the country and various departments were deployed to the Games to provide dedicated medical cover at venues throughout the event. Their colleagues in local divisions ensured that appropriate cover was maintained in communities across the country and patients received continued normal service.

Pauline Howie, Chief Executive, Scottish Ambulance Service said:
“All of our staff, whether dedicated to the Games, or maintaining cover in communities, worked incredibly hard to ensure that high standards of patient care were maintained throughout. They did so with enthusiasm, professionalism and good humour, playing an integral role in the success of the biggest international event that Scotland has seen.

“Our specialist risk management teams spent two years planning for the Games with multi agency partners and the Organising Committee, ensuring that every aspect of patient care was considered and addressed.”