James Says Thanks

 Monday 1 December 2014

Four-year old James Roy was all smiles when he met the ambulance team that saved his life after he choked on a grape.

James had been having lunch at with his Mum Donna at his Gran, Caroline Brown’s house when he sneaked a grape from her plate while she wasn’t looking.  It got stuck in his throat and he couldn’t breathe and passed out.

His Mum and Gran are both experienced first aiders but couldn’t dislodge the grape and called 999 as they feared the worst.

Paisley paramedics, Stephen Storrie and Iain Bryce responded in a few minutes supported by Ambulance Technician William Brown and Ambulance Care Assistant, Aileen Kerr from Vale of Leven.

They were able to remove the grape and James was transferred to hospital. He returned home to Renfrew the following night.

James’ Mum, Donna, said, “It was fantastic to meet the crew who saved James and be able to thanks them in person.  They’re heroes and we’ll always be grateful to them.”