Air Ambulance is First to Land at New Southern General

 Monday 30 March 2015

The first aircraft to fly into the state-of-the-art helipad on the roof of the new 14 storey Southern General hospital was a Scottish Ambulance Service EC135 air ambulance, which performed a perfect landing.

It was one of two test landings required by the Civil Aviation Authority prior to the hospital opening to patients for the first time next month.

The helipad has a dedicated rapid access lift which can transfer an emergency patient from the helicopter direct into the heart of either adult or paediatric Emergency Department within just minutes.

Garry Fraser, General Manager, Air Ambulance, at the Scottish Ambulance Service said: “The helipad on the roof of the new hospital will provide quicker direct access to the emergency department, doing away with the need to transfer the patient to a road ambulance for transport into the hospital.”

NHSGGC Emergency Medicine Consultant, Dr Phil Munro, said: “We are delighted the first landing has taken place and it went perfectly. We believe this design offers the best possible helicopter to Emergency Department transfer time for adult and paediatric patients. The new south Glasgow helipad is similar in design and height to the Royal London Hospital which is the busiest trauma unit in the UK.”