New Pilot Scheme Upgrades Skills and Resources for North East and Isles

 Wednesday 17 June 2015

The Scottish Ambulance Service has invested £200,000 in a new training initiative for the North East and Northern Isles to upgrade resources and clinical skills.

Thirteen staff have completed an initial 6 week course at Moray College, delivered by Service trainers, that is the first stage of a programme that will see them ultimately qualify as Ambulance Technicians.

The delegates include eight new recruits on the course will move into full time posts, which were previously part time, in Moray and Aberdeenshire. Two staff from Orkney and a further three retained staff from Shetland have also completed the course.

The pilot scheme creates a local training programme that was previously only available at the Scottish Ambulance Service Training Academy at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Once they complete the course this week, delegates undertake three weeks of driver training and then respond with experienced paramedics in practice placement. They will then have the opportunity to return to complete a further 4-week course to become and Ambulance Technician.

Milne Weir, General Manager, Scottish Ambulance Service, North Division, said: “This investment will benefit increase full time ambulance cover in the North East and the Northern Isles awhile at the same time enhancing clinical skills and giving more staff the opportunity to qualify as ambulance technicians.

“Training that was only previously available in Glasgow is now being delivered locally with a more flexible approach to delivery of modules that allows staff to progress to a higher standard of clinical skills in a simplified staged approach.”