Fife Golfer is Stayin Alive

 Wednesday 28 March 2012

A Fife golfer was recently reunited with the team that saved his life after he collapsed with a cardiac arrest while playing on Charlston Golf Course, near Collinsburgh.

Alan Linton was given CPR by his golfing partners while ambulance crews from Leven rushed to the scene to help him. The 999 call handler in the ambulance control centre kept his friends on the line and gave them medical advice and support while they performed chest compressions that they’d remembered from the ‘Stayin Alive’ TV campaign featuring Vinnie Jones.

Paramedics were on scene quickly to take over treatment and the air ambulance helicopter landed on the golf course and transferred Alan to Ninewells hospital.

One of Alan’s friends who helped said: “The ad had been on the week before. It came straight to us. We sang it out loud for a bit. It obviously works.”

Mr Linton thanked his friends, the paramedics and call handler for saving his life and said: “I feel very lucky and overwhelmed that the song helped saved my life.”

Alan McIntyre, one of the paramedics who treated Mr Linton, said: “We know from evidence that the quicker you do something the better the outcome.  Vinnie Jones on one prime time advert got the message across to these guys about quick actions. The sterling work that these guys did made our jobs all the more worthwhile.”