‘Horseshoe Baby’ Darcy Turns One

 Tuesday 8 November 2016

Scottish Ambulance Service Paramedics were invited to one year old Darcy Fleming’s birthday party yesterday (6 November) which was a bit more planned than her arrival into the world a year ago – mum Claire didn’t know she was pregnant when she suddenly went into labour!

Claire, of Kirriemuir had been shoeing her horses on the morning of Darcy’s arrival when she started to feel very unwell.  She called her mum Frances who drove the six miles to Claire’s home, only to find her about to give birth.

Claire had already called for an ambulance which was soon on its way as was a nursing friend and a retired GP, Dr Morris who lives nearby. However as soon as Ambulance Paramedics Stuart Parker, Stuart Wilkie and Angela McKenzie arrived, they realised it was no ordinary birth. Darcy’s feet were showing and they would need special assistance due to the birth being breach.

Explaining what they did next, Stuart Wilkie, Ambulance Paramedic says,

“We started driving to Ninewells Hospital in Dundee to hopefully deliver Darcy there. However, we had to stop twice and ended up delivering her in the ambulance. Other colleagues, Morna Vannet and Steven Dryden then joined us as there was no heartbeat or breathing and we had to start doing CPR.

“It was a very stressful, upsetting situation to be involved in but we’re trained in CPR and did everything we could to get her breathing again, which thankfully she did. As soon as we got to Ninewells she was immediately taken into the Special Care Baby Unit for monitoring.

“All of us that were there that day are so pleased to see Darcy is doing so well and her lovely family so happy”.

Says Claire of Darcy’s arrival,

“There is no doubt in any of our minds that that the outcome could have been so different for Darcy had the ambulance crews and Dr Morris not worked their magic. Everybody was absolutely fantastic including the staff at the hospital. To say it was the most shocking and most memorable day in my life is an understatement – it was totally unexpected, hugely emotional but ultimately, I have the most incredible little girl anybody could wish for. I think those horseshoes must have brought me luck!”

A party was held on Darcy’s first birthday and all of the Paramedics involved were invited to attend.