Incredible Staff Achievements

 Thursday 24 November 2016

The Scottish Ambulance Services celebrated the achievements of its most inspiring and committed staff at its annual staff awards event last night (Thursday 24th November) held at Glasgow's Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. 

Sponsored by Ferno, providers of Integrated Patient Transport Solutions and innovators in ambulance equipment safety; over 180 nominations were received for individuals and teams in six award categories.

Winners included a partnership project based in Hawick where local Paramedics have collaborated with the local medical practice to introduce a model of care which sees them assessing and providing treatment for patients in their homes, thus reducing unnecessary pressure on the Practice and reducing admissions to hospital;  a sole ambulance auxiliary based on the island of Gigha who supplies comprehensive cover for the ambulance service and where necessary arranges the safe transfer of patients off the island;  an air ambulance paramedic who has undertaken additional study to be the only Paramedic in the Service to have studies Trauma Science at MSc level; an Emergency Medical Dispatcher who has been a member of the Service for 27 years and a Paramedic who has managed the introduction of the Specialist  Services Desk, which tasks our air fleet to incidents.

Pauline Howie, CEO of the Scottish Ambulance Service said:

“Tonight we recognised and celebrated the achievements of a most impressive group of people who are all incredible ambassadors for our Service.

"On behalf of the entire Executive Team and our Board, I would like to extend my most heartfelt congratulations to all of the winners and runners up. Although they represent a diverse range of skills and experience; they all share an ethos of striving to deliver excellence in order to deliver the best possible care for our patients".

The Winners,

Towards 2020:Taking Care to the Patient - Hawick Practitioner Team  

The Hawick Practitioner Team is a collaborative pilot between the Service and Teviot Medical Practice. This model of care works with our Paramedic Practitioners to send them into patient homes to provide treatment and assessment of their condition, helping to reduce the pressure on the medical practice and reduce unnecessary admissions to hospital. This team have improved patient care by working alongside the GP's, undertaking house calls where appropriate to reduce work load and consolidate newly gained clinical skills. The team has been welcomed by the GP partners of the busy practice which has 11,000 patients.

There have been measurable benefits to the Service too; the team have reduced the need for patients being transferred under blue lights or the need for some 1 hour GP urgent requests. Through this work the GPs are now more aware of our pressures and use the service provision more effectively.

Team of the Year - Workforce Planning Team

This recognises a team that works closely together and goes above and beyond the call of duty. The Workforce Planning Team are a new team who within a short period of time have taken on the entire workforce planning components including the A&E, Patient Transport Service, Overtime management and Events, removing workload from Area Service Managers and Team Leaders and allowing staff greater notice of their shifts in advance and offer advice of the placement of relief staff. This allow a more consistent approach to workforce planning, improving family life too. 

Staff Member of the Year - Paul Swinton, Air Ambulance Paramedic

Paul is an Air Ambulance Paramedic and has been studying towards a MSc in Trauma Sciences, using his expertise and knowledge to further benefit patient care. It is an internationally recognised course and Paul is the first Paramedic from the Service who has been accepted on to this. He has worked extremely hard and in already 8 modules he has passed 6 at distinction level. The additional skills and analysis he has already brought back to the Service has provided benefits. He was central to the development of the revised 'SCRAM' (Structured Critical Airway Management) bags (now commercially developed).

Our Values - Andy Oliver

Andy joined the service as a Contractor in 2001 on the Isle of Gigha, in this time he has supplied comprehensive cover for the ambulance service. Even in his personal time he supplies cover for the island of Gigha. Andy’s job entails taking the island’s ambulance to incidents and liaising with the local nurse, the coastguard, our air ambulance fleet and the Ambulance Control Centre to ensure the best care and where necessary, the safe transfer of patients off the island. Andy also co-ordinates emergency planning scenarios on Gigha. He is encouraging others to become volunteers as first responders to support his work on the island.

“In a small community like ours, I do believe we all need to give a bit extra to keep it all going. I think people don’t realise that the Scottish Ambulance Services has over 1500 volunteers who support the work of our staff and I really would encourage everybody, regardless of age, to consider giving up a bit of their time to get trained as a Community First Responder because we need as many people as possible in remote communities like ours to know the basics of first aid and CPR. I’ve found this work immensely rewarding and I’m really proud to be part of the Scottish Ambulance Service". 

Chief Executive Officer's Award - John Gilhooly, Emergency Medical Dispatcher

John is one of the Emergency Medical Dispatchers in our West Ambulance Control who was nominated by over 20 colleagues, including his General Manager. John has spent his entire working life in the Service, 27 years, helping patients and supporting other members of staff. A quiet, unassuming, highly respected staff member who comes in every day and does his job to a very high standard; he never looks for any recognition for himself.

Chairman's Award - Peter Lindle, Project Manager, Specialist Services Desk

Peter inherited the project management of the Specialist Services Desk, which had been without a dedicated manager for some months and quickly got to grips with all aspects of this work, ensuring that high quality staff are in place and that there is clear measurement and assurance of activity. The operation of his work has delivered high quality results, relating to peri-natal advisory services, reducing inappropriate tasking of aircraft and increasing appropriate tasking. This has had a direct benefit to our patients, as well reducing unnecessary costs associated with our most expensive assets, not to mention the inherent risks of flying, especially in helicopters.