All I need for Christmas

 Thursday 22 December 2016

Emergency services are joining forces to appeal to the public to stay safe as they expect to receive on average over 12,000 calls daily on Friday 23 December – one of each of its three busiest days over the festive period (23, 31 December and 1 January).

The three 999 services also revealed their Christmas wishes for people to have an enjoyable, safe time:

  • Scottish Ambulance Service – Make the Right Call
  • Police Scotland – Know Your Limits
  • Scottish Fire & Rescue Service – Think Fire Safe

They are appealing to the public to take on board these messages to keep safe during this festive season.

  • Plan your Christmas night out – stick with friends, charge your mobile and remember to take it with you.
  • Drink responsibly and don’t leave drinks unattended. Avoid drugs and new psychoactive substances – there is no safe way to take them.
  • Think about how you will get home. Book a taxi from a licensed company or arrange for family or a friend to pick you up. Let people know where you are.
  • Cooking is the biggest cause of house fires in Scotland. If you are tired, have been drinking, or taking drugs, you will be less alert to the signs of fire.
  • If you’re out at a Christmas party or if you are just having a night out down the pub, it is best to buy food on the way home, rather than attempting to cook when you get back

Daren Mochrie, Director of Service Delivery at the Scottish Ambulance Service said.

"This time of year is incredibly busy for us, and we do see an increase in the number of calls we get as a result of increased alcohol consumption. Some calls can be difficult to deal with when the caller is heavily intoxicated and we can't make out what they are saying.

“Some staff in our Control Centres and out on the road end up being verbally and even physically abused by patients or callers under the influence of alcohol.

“We want everyone to have a great festive period, but our message is simple - make the right call. Please think hard before you call us, do everything you can to make it as easy as possible for us to determine the nature of your call and if we do we need to send a response,  then allow us to do our job when we arrive as unhindered as possible".