Support for World Sepsis Day 13/09/2012

 Thursday 13 September 2012

The Scottish Ambulance Service is committed to the early recognition of sepsis in critically ill and deteriorating patients as part of the wider Scottish Patient Safety Programme. The Service is actively involved in World Sepsis Day and has developed an awareness programme to highlight the condition and appropriate treatment in the pre hospital environment.

A new information campaign for all ambulance staff in Scotland ensures that crews continue to be on the alert for symptoms and will take the necessary steps to resuscitate the patient and refer to appropriate onward care as an emergency.

The Service is working closely with healthcare professionals across Scotland to ensure the best possible standards of care for these patients.

Paul Gowens, Head of Clinical Governance Quality and Patient Safety, Scottish Ambulance Service, said: “We know that early recognition of sepsis is absolutely vital in the successful treatment of the condition and this initiative is about delivering the best and most appropriate pathway of care for patients who are suffering from the condition.”

Over 37,000 people in the UK die from Sepsis every year. It arises when the body’s response to an infection injures its own tissues and organs. It may lead to shock, multiple organ failure and death, especially if not recognised early and treated promptly. Prompt recognition within the hour significantly improves outcomes for patients.

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