Couple Thank 999 Call Handler

 Thursday 11 October 2012

Ambulance call handler Bobby Garvie met the first baby that he helped deliver over the phone when parents Lindsay Murray and Ian Lumsden visited the East Ambulance Control Centre to thank him.

The couple were at home in Whitburn when Lindsay went into labour very quickly.  They called NHS 24 and were quickly transferred to ambulance  control. In the 20 minutes that followed Ian successfully delivered baby Olivia guided by Bobby, who gave instructions over the phone.

Ian said: “It’s a bit of a blur. I can’t remember everything that Bobby said but I just remember him being so calm and keeping me going. He was so reassuring and talked me through everything I had to do.

“Today’s the first time I’ve met Bobby. I just said, ‘Thanks very much’. I don’t think I would have been able to do it if it wasn’t for him.”

Lindsay said that when she realised that the baby was on its way she was ‘absolutely terrified’. She said: “I remember thinking there must be something going to be wrong. Ian was amazing, he was totally calm, he couldn’t have done any better.  And Bobby was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t give him enough credit. He was so calm and kept Ian and me calm as well. I’m so happy to meet him.”

Bobby said: “It was pretty clear that the baby was going to deliver before the ambulance got there.  Its not the first time I’ve had a woman in labour on the phone but it’s the first time I’ve delivered a baby over the phone.  Once the baby’s delivered and everything seems fine, you’re buzzing after it. For somebody to come six months later and say thanks personally has made my day.”

In line with tradition in ambulance control centres, Bobby now wears a stork badge to mark his first delivery.