Stuart Thanks Ambulance Team

 Wednesday 30 April 2014

Stuart Duncan had an emotional reunion yesterday with the ambulance team in Glenrothes that saved his life when he had a cardiac arrest on February 10th this year.

Stuart doesn’t remember anything but his wife Margaret called 999 as soon as she woke that morning to see Stuart looking purple and making a strange gurgling noise.

Paramedic Philip Campbell and Technician Brian Taylor were first to arrive within five minutes, followed quickly by paramedics Sandy Higgins and Nigel Duncan.  They had to use a defibrillator six times on Stuart by the time he was transferred to hospital.

Cardiac surgeons put a stent into Stuart and expected him to be in the high dependency unit for two weeks but he was back home within four days. A keen marathon runner, Stuart is already building up his running stamina again.

Remembering that difficult day in February, Margaret said:
“They came to our house like angels in disguise and we will never be able to thanks them enough. There was no panic and they were so professional they just got on with the job of saving Stuart.”