Queen’s Ambulance Service Medal for Herriot

 Monday 16 June 2014

Mike Herriot, General Manager, National Risk and Resilience Department, has been awarded the Queen’s Ambulance Service Medal.

Mike is known as a visionary, innovator, quality champion and initiator of leading edge patient centred ambulance services. His career has been epitomised by devoted service, considering new ways of putting the patient first and taking every opportunity to promote the service throughout the UK and beyond as a world class leader.

On joining Sussex Ambulance Service in 1980 after training as a nurse he became one of the first NHS Paramedics and put these pioneering skills and abilities to use to save lives and bring advanced treatment to patients in the pre-hospital environment. He also made a major contribution to bystander intervention in an emergency as one of the first ‘Save a Life’ instructors.

Joining the Scottish Ambulance Service in 1989 allowed Mike to move to operational management roles, with his visionary ideas leading him to manage the ‘scenes’ of many significant incidents and develop the training needed to pass on these skills to others. He has been the Gold Commander for the Service at many incidents and events, including the G8 Summit, Glasgow Airport bombing, Royal and Papal visits and extreme weather challenges.

He works with absolute passion at national level to develop new concepts, designs, systems and ideas, which, have resulted in the successful introduction of Special Operations, extending the skills of paramedics to enter and treat patients in environments previously considered too dangerous. Many of his original ideas – new equipment, skills, systems and training plans have now been implemented across the UK.

Mike has been integral to major developments at a UK and Scottish level, working closely with Government, including post 9/11 procedures, crowd event guidance, marauding terrorist firearms, CBRN response and at the Home Office Emergency Planning College, Easingwold.

Mike is now serving his third term as a member of the British Red Cross Board of Trustees, and also chairs their Clinical Governance and Patient Safety Committees.

Pauline Howie, Chief Executive, Scottish Ambulance Service said:
“I am delighted that Mike’s dedication and service has been recognised with this honour. Over his many years of service his focus has always been on patient care and he has been instrumental in the development of our special operations and major incident capabilities."