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Clinical Response Model Case Studies

Waverley Station

Donald Scott, was walking through the station towards the Old Town to attend a Fringe Festival show with friends when he had a cardiac arrest. On the way, Donald, an accountant, collapsed in the middle of the busy station. Donald praised Philip Chambers, Robbie Somers, and Ross Hockaday for coming to his aid. Donald met with Ross last year, thanking him in person for saving his life.

Donald, a father of two, said: “It scared the living daylights out of me. I was not guaranteed to survive and my life was in the balance. I am very, very thankful and grateful to staff at ERI and for the Scottish Ambulance Service.”

Donald is pictured with Ross Hockaday

Two Cardiac Arrests

Matthew is pictured with Nathan and PaulMatthew suffered a heart attack at his house before going on to have two cardiac arrests. He credited paramedic Nathan Thomson and technician Paul Marr of Perth Ambulance Station, for giving him a second chance at life.

Matthew said: “I actually died twice and they brought me back. It’s incredible - there are no words to describe the feeling of gratitude I feel towards these two boys. If not for their knowledge, I would not have survived. It’s very rare for someone to have a heart attack and two cardiac arrests – and survive. The only way I survived was through the professionalism of Nathan and Paul. I will never forget this as long as I live.”

Matthew is pictured with Nathan and Paul

Stephen is pictured with Claire Stewart, Kevin Fitzgerald, Jim Hutchison and Morag Campbell


Stephen suffered a cardiac arrest and had emergency CPR performed on him by members of the public after collapsing in front of hundreds of people at a primary school nativity play. Stephen, a retired financial worker, was attending the festive event at his local Primary School, receiving an invite as he had worked previously with the school as a member of the area’s community council.

Stephen said: “It took 27 minutes until my heart started again. The next thing I remember is waking up in an induced coma – what can you say to someone who saved your life.”

Stephen is pictured with Claire Stewart, Kevin Fitzgerald, Jim Hutchison and Morag Campbell