Our vision and values

A Paramedic shows a mother and daughter around an ambulance

Our vision is to continually:

  • demonstrate our leadership and commitment to the values and principles of equality and diversity and create the culture where they are seen as the norm
  • make it our personal responsibility to understand and meet the individual needs of people who access our services if at all possible
  • listen to feedback from individuals who have found our existing services to be unfair, or are offering ways in which we can improve and learn
  • respect and value all patients, carers, advocates and members of the public, as well as our own colleagues and their contribution
  • provide the necessary support, advice and information to help all of our staff
  • ensure that people are recruited, trained and promoted according to their abilities and in the proportions one would expect from the populations represented
  • attempt to gain the views of minority groups and involve them in future service design (see also our closely linked PFPI activities).

We aim to continually ensure that our staff population reflects the broad range of Scottish communities and to further develop our engagement and awareness of increasingly diverse needs.