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Service Vehicles

Scottish Ambulance Service logo on our vehicles

All our marked vehicle types, both Emergency and Patient Transport Service, have the Scottish Ambulance Service crest on them. This crest can only be used by the Scottish Ambulance Service, so if a marked Ambulance vehicle does not have this displayed, it is not one of ours.

A very small number of our vehicles which use blue lights are unmarked as they are used by Officers for emergency response purposes, which may be from their homes out with normal business hours. Any such vehicles can be traced by the Police as belonging to the Scottish Ambulance Service.

There are a number of private ambulance companies in Scotland.  we cannot offer any advice on the use of vehicles used by these companies as they are not regulated.

If you have any suspicions about an ambulance vehicle being false, you should contact Police Scotland on 101, or 999 in an emergency.