What will we do

A landrover

We will:

  • save life and provide immediate care for patients at the scene of the incident and in transit to hospital
  • alert Hospital Services and other relevant NHS agencies
  • manage clinical decontamination for people affected by hazardous substances prior to their evacuation from the scene
  • evacuate the injured from the scene in order of medical priority
  • arrange and ensure the most appropriate transport for the injured to the receiving hospital(s)
  • supply patient care equipment to the scene of a major incident
  • transport appropriate medical staff and their equipment to the scene
  • alert the British Red Cross and St Andrew’s Ambulance Association and coordinate their work in support of the Service
  • provide and maintain communications equipment for key medical staff and voluntary organisations at the scene
  • restore service normality*.

*includes a requirement to maintain the continuity of mission critical activities during the emergency.