How are we organised

A Special Operations Response team help a patient

When a call indicating that a potential major incident has occurred, the Emergency Medical Dispatch Centres (Control Rooms) have a range of specialised and non-specialised resources to send to the incident.

We operate three Special Operations Response Teams (SORT), these are based regionally in the North, East and West of Scotland. These teams are specially and extensively trained and equipped to deal with major incidents of any kind as well as chemical, biological, nuclear or radiological incidents. They also operate tested procedures for the clinical decontamination of patients in the event such an incident.

SORT is focused on bringing safe and effective care to the patient, regardless of their physical location by increasing available care into challenging and hazardous environments.

Our National Risk and Resilience team develop and monitor all of the Service’s major incident response and contingency plans and continuously improve our emergency planning and business continuity arrangements.

We test and validate our plans on a regular basis through working in partnership with a wide range of other emergency responders.