Working for us

Two members of staff in an Ambulance Control Centre

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There are many ways to join us, either patient facing, managerial or through support roles.

Your entry route will be different to someone else's and will depend upon your individual background, experience and qualifications. You may already be working as a Health Profession, doing something completely different or just starting out on your career. Often people join us in a support role from elsewhere in the service and then choose to apply for an operational role at a later date.

New Careers

If you are just starting out on your working life, a career with us may be just what you need.

The most obvious way of doing this is to come in through our Certificate of Higher Education in Ambulance Studies. On successful completion of the course you will become a qualified Ambulance Technician. Our courses are always popular and there is alot of compeition for these roles, but there are things that you can do to prepare yourself for a career in the Service.

You could become first aider qualified, maybe at school or a club, you could gain work experience in care role or act as one of our First Responders. In general the more experience that you can gain of working with people the better placed you will be.

Changing Careers

With over 4,500 employees, we are a diverse organisation and employ people from a variety of career backgrounds and experience levels into lots of different roles.

We believe that having experience of different situations and people often gives a more balanced and rounded employee.

Applicants who do not possess the formal academic qualifications can be considered for recognition of experience and prior learning, by demonstrating that they have been/or are actively involved in studying at certificate level, or equivalent. Such study does not necessarily need to be ambulance related, but must be supported with evidence of study.

Applicants should provide details of their study in the “statement in support of application” section on the application form.

Experienced Healthcare Professionals

If you are already working within the Healthcare profession, either qualified or still studying we more than likely have a place for you.

You may need to undergo some retraining, but your experience and skills so far will be well utilised and may enable you to develop quickly once in the service.

Our Vision and Values