Ambulance Care Assistant


Ambulance Care Assistants working as part of our scheduled care teams provide high quality care and safe transportation for non emergency patients. This entails transporting patients from their homes to hospitals, care centres or outpatient clinics and then returning them home. Ambulance Care Assistant may also undertake some inter-hospital transfers and discharges and may provide support and resources to other colleagues during major incidents and large public events.

Our Patient Transport Service has focused on improving punctuality performance and service quality for priority patients such as cancer, cardiology, mental health and renal patients. Ambulance Care Assistants working with these priority patient groups will receive additional training in these areas to ensure they have the skills to be able to provide the additional specialist care needed.

All Ambulance Care Assistants are trained to use “shock boxes” (an automated defibrillator) which are used in the event of a cardiac arrest.

A full training package is provided on appointment to the role.