Community Paramedics

The role of the Community Paramedic is the delivery of high quality treatment and care to patients, associated duty of care to other members of the public including the provision of health advice (see and treat) and transportation to appropriate medical facilities, generally in emergency situations, using a range of paramedic skills.

In addition to this they may also diagnose, discharge or refer suitable minor injury and/or acute illness patients whilst working on behalf of the ambulance service, GP out of hour’s service or within a minor injury clinic setting.

Some of our patients have life threatening conditions but others may be suffering from a chronic condition, such as diabetes. Other patients may have a minor injury or illness. A number of patients may need to go to hospital but for others going to hospital may not be in their best interests. In some cases remaining at home or being treated in their local community is the most appropriate treatment.

As a community paramedic you will be trained in enhanced skills to assess these types of patient to ensure the best treatment is given in the most appropriate setting. If you are already an Health Professions Council (HPC) registered Paramedic this role offers an exciting career opportunity.