Ambulance Technician

A Technician steps down from an ambulance

The public place a great deal of trust in the clinical skills provided by Ambulance Technicians. As a valued health care professional they make key decisions on the most appropriate treatment for patients, whether they should be treated at home, taken to hospital or to another appropriate medical facility.

Ambulance Technicians deliver high quality pre-hospital care via the treatment and transportation of all types of patient.

They deal with frontline accident and emergency duties, including responding to 999 calls and Doctors’ urgent calls that occur when a doctor decides that the patient would be best treated in hospital.

All Ambulance Technicians work as part of the wider emergency team which could include Paramedics, other Technicians or and Ambulance Care Assistants to assess and treat a wide range of patients.

The Person

You should be:

  • able to get on with people from all backgrounds and of all ages
  • patient and understanding – you will be dealing with people who may be distressed or in pain
  • reliable
  • able to work well in a team
  • willing to take responsibility
  • able to remain calm in emergencies and cope with unpleasant sights
  • quick-thinking and able to take decisions in difficult situations

A full training package is provided on appointment to the role.