Becoming a Paramedic

Please note – We are piloting a small direct entry Paramedic training programme for 2018. The programme has a different set of entry criteria, a difference selection process and is offered for specific vacancies only. All adverts will clearly state which training programme we are recruiting for and will be advertised on My Job Scotland as normal.

National recruitment for both Ambulance Technician and the direct entry pilot are currently closed.

Most of your questions can be answered by our frequently asked questions.

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The Role of an Ambulance Technician

Our Ambulance Technicians provide immediate care to patients right across Scotland, often in their most vulnerable state and in very difficult and challenging environments. As a result you will be able to show compassion and empathy and be able to deal with the difficult situations that we have to respond to. Most importantly, you need to be able to keep calm under pressure, make good decisions and take control.

The Ambulance Technician role is the first step to becoming an Registered Paramedic and once qualified as a Technician, you will be eligible to apply for further training to become a Paramedic and then possibly onto other roles across the Service, including specialist clinical roles and managerial roles.

NB: The term “Relief Ambulance Technician” refers to the shift pattern which you will be undertake and is the usual pattern for all Technicians joining the Scottish Ambulance Service.

The Training

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To qualify as an Ambulance Technician, you undertake two qualifications, firstly the Diploma in Emergency Care Support and then the Diploma for Associate Ambulance Practitioners. Once you have successfully completed these two qualifications, you will be a qualified Ambulance Technician.

As part of your initial training, you will also undertake an Emergency Response Ambulance Driving qualification which will provide the knowledge and skills required to drive an ambulance under emergency conditions.

The Person

This role is all about communication, so you will need to have excellent interpersonal skills and an ability to communicate effectively with a range of different and often difficult circumstances.

You will need to use your clinical knowledge and the training we provide to make sound decisions, sometimes under pressure and under difficult situations,

This is a hugely varied role; each day and patient is different making the ability to work flexibility key to success.

Minimum Entry Criteria

All candidates will be required to satisfy the following recruitment and entry requirements:

Whilst not an essential criteria, previous experience in a caring environment would be an advantage, but equally, volunteer work or working with your community would be beneficial.

The Benefits 

For this you will be an employee of the Scottish Ambulance Service from your start date and placed on a training salary until you are qualified.

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