Technician Training

Diploma in Emergency Care Support - SCQF Level 6

Course Description

If successful through the recruitment and selection process you will be enrolled on our internal education programme. It is a vocational programme, delivered in one of our own Clinical Education Centres by our own Education Department.

You will need to successfully pass two qualifications to qualify as an Ambulance Technician; the Diploma in Emergency Care Support and the Diploma for Associate Ambulance Practitioners.

The Training Programme

It programme is varied, made up of a mix of classroom based learning; practical assessment and placements on station and you will do the two qualifications one after another.

You start with six weeks in the classroom where you will learn the important skills required to assist qualified clinicians in the delivery of safe and effective pre hospital care. This includes things such as manual handling, law and ethics, infection control, anatomy and physiology and basic and intermediate life support.

After this you will progress to an ambulance station where they will undergo 42-weeks of placement. This will provide you with the opportunity demonstrate the skills and knowledge you have learned in the classroom in a real patient environment. You will be under the supervision of a mentor and vocational assessor and they will help you complete a practice placement portfolio demonstrating that you can apply the skills you learnt in the classroom within the workplace environment.

Prior to progressing onto placement, you will undertake a four week Certificate in Emergency Response Ambulance Driving which will provide the knowledge and skills required to drive an ambulance under non emergency and emergency conditions.  This course covers content such as road traffic law, manoeuvring a vehicle at low speed, progressive driving and driving an emergency vehicle on ‘blue lights’.

You must pass this in order to progress with the programme.

Because this is a vocational course, you will complete an evidence log book which will demonstrate your skills and competence. If you are able to do this and successfully pass the Diploma in Emergency Care Support you will immediately go onto complete the Diploma for Associate Ambulance Practitioners.

This is delivered in a similar way to the first diploma, through classroom learning, placement sand the completion of vocational assessments.

These qualifications are nationally recognised and are transferable across the UK.

This is an intense programme of learning and you will need to commit some of your own time to ensure that you are successful. Therefore, there will be a requirement to undertake study in your own time throughout your training with the Service.  This will vary from individual to individual but through your first 18 months and is roughly 8-10 hours per week.

Education Support

We appreciate that for some, this level of training and education can seem daunting however we have an experienced and dedicated education team, consisting of qualified staff and trainers who will support you right though the process.

You will also be provided with a mentor on station who will provide you with on the job support and all our qualified staff are always on hand to help those still learning to ensure that we can provide the best level of care for our patients.