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A carer reads a book with an elderly man

There are almost 660,000 carers in Scotland - one in eight of the population. Every day almost 500 people take on a caring responsibility - that's 178,000 people each year.  Caring will be a part of almost everyone's life, with three in five of us becoming carers at some point in our lives.

With an ageing population, an estimated one million of us will look after an elderly relative, sick partner or a disabled family member by 2037.

Caring is part of life but without the right support the personal costs of caring can be high. Despite saving the Scottish economy £10.3 billion each year, many carers face poverty, poor health and disadvantage. Three quarters of carers struggle to pay utility bills, more than half are in debt, one in five have given up work to care and more than half have a long term illness or disability.

What should I do if the person I am caring for requires medical help?

Where can I find other sources of help?

Can I get help in getting the person I care for to and from hospital appointments?