Community Resilience

Primary school children showing the CPR sign

We recognise that communities with equipment and basic life saving skills can help save lives.. We therefore recognise the benefits in helping communities to develop their own resilience. 

The Service works closely with a number of public and private sector partners including the British Heart Foundation Scotland to develop and deliver the best patient care for people in Scotland. These partnerships identify the need to develop sustainable community resilience; the ability of communities to help themselves and to do so as part of an integrated network of support and care appropriate to their needs.

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Why is Community Resilience important?

Community resilience can have important practical benefits for communities, patients, the NHS, and other community service providers.

Patients and communities:

  • better emergency outcomes and experience
  • less avoidable hospital admissions
  • better information and access to services
  • safer healthier communities due to preventive actions
  • self-development opportunities through volunteering, education and involvement

Scottish Ambulance Service and NHS Boards

Community resilience contributes towards finding solutions to the major day-to-day challenges in delivering quality patient care:

  • in remote areas 
  • in areas of high demand 
  • on growing population health problems