Accessibility and Language

Developing community first aid skills

A woman giving a boy chest thrusts to deal with choking

Developing your basic first aid skills is an important way to enhance community resilience. In case of serious injuries and health problems, such skills provided before an ambulance crew reaches a patient can increase the likelihood of patient survival and a good recovery.

Key skills programme

We are developing a programme of work with the British Red Cross, and one of the areas relates to the British Red Cross ‘Key Skills’ programme. The ‘Key skills’ package emphasises simple life saving techniques and how to respond in an emergency / accident situation. It is specially designed to be less detailed and shorter, than ‘traditional’ first aid courses, and so can be more accessible and relevant for certain vulnerable groups in the community, and groups with special needs.

The Service endorses the ‘Key skills’ approach for particular groups in the community. The British Red Cross is supporting us by delivering ‘Key skills’ training for specific groups / communities in areas the Service has identified as vulnerable or where there are particular issues. We are also being invited to become ‘key skills’ instructors and undertake sessions in communities.