Supporting preventative initiatives

An important aspect of community resilience is to develop the capacity of your community to prevent and lessen the impact of health problems that otherwise would require emergency / urgent care. Other NHS Boards and organisations lead on this but we can contribute by supporting specific prevention / protection initiatives. Priority topics may be different between urban and rural areas depending on the profile of the local population.

Allocating staff time

We have previously supported initiatives in a number of areas for example, community education on road traffic accident prevention and drug abuse. Often these initiatives have been undertaken as ‘one-offs’ and outwith service time. Allocating ‘in service’ time for staff to support preventive initiatives is one of the recommendations of the Community Resilience Strategy.


We are also working with national organisations to develop campaigns / initiatives that the service will support at national / local level. One example in 2011-12 is a partnership between the Service, the British Heart Foundation and Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland on a Chest Pain campaign, to enable people to better identify symptoms of MI and cardiac arrest, and to ensure prompt action, and contact with the appropriate services. This project will include some national promotion, and also targeted local projects focused on particularly vulnerable parts of the community.

You can find out where an event is taking place in your area on our patient engagement website.