Police Scotland and Scottish Ambulance Service provide joint response over festive period

 Friday 15 December 2017

Police in Inverness have teamed up with the Scottish Ambulance Service to provide a fast and efficient joint response to incidents on key nights over the festive period.
Normally incidents requiring both police officers and paramedics would require both services to separately dispatch resources to the scene.

However, on key nights, including tonight, an ambulance patrol car will be on duty in the Inverness area staffed by a specialist paramedic and a police officer.

This is the first time such an initiative has been trialled in the Highlands.

The car and its crew will be on duty from 7pm until 4am on selected nights and will patrol within an approximate 30 mile radius around Inverness.

It will be in service tonight (Friday, December 15) and will also be used on Friday, December 22 and Sunday, December 31.

Sergeant Nick Macrae of the Inverness City Centre Policing Team said:

"We are delighted to be working in partnership with our colleagues in the Scottish Ambulance Service on this initiative.

"We already work closely together in response to a number of incidents and we feel this joint response car will be beneficial to both services and to members of the public in need of our assistance.

"The dates selected for the trial are historically nights where we are called to a high number of incidents relating to violence and alcohol.

"We anticipate that Inverness will once again be busy with parties and we hope that the vast majority of people have a safe experience which does not require our involvement.

"However, this joint initiative with the ambulance service will allow to provide a fast and efficient response to anyone who does require our help."

Steven Gorman, Area Service Manager, Scottish Ambulance Service said,

“We always work closely with police and partners in the build up to the festive period to encourage members of the public to drink and behave responsibly.

“We are taking partnership working a step further in Inverness this year by co-responding with Police Scotland when appropriate, further enabling us to deliver a high level of patient-centred care.

“It is worth reminding people that if our hard-working ambulance crews are spending their time caring for people who are vomiting, violent or unconscious due to overindulging in alcohol, then it leaves them unable to respond to other emergencies.

“We want people across Scotland to have a great time during the party season, but we also need them to look after themselves and their friends.”