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The Scottish Ambulance Service Endowment Fund is a registered charity in Scotland (Scottish Charity Number SCO27131).  We currently hold approximately 200 funds for the benefit of patients and staff across Scotland.  Our purpose is the advancement of health through:

  • Improvement in the physical and mental health of the Boards’ population
  • provide support to First Responder Schemes in Scotland
  • provide additional training and equipment

In the last few years, we have used donations to improve resilience within the community by

  • installing community defibrillators
  • teaching Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • developing community first aid skills
  • supporting preventative initiatives
  • replacement helicopter landing aids
  • enhancing staff awareness through specific training
  • Supporting staff wellbeing through improved facilities

The generous donations of our supporters has allowed the Scottish Ambulance Service to support staff wellbeing, support education and training and provide equipment to our communities.  We are extremely grateful for every fundraising event, donation made and legacy gifted.

Donors can specify the purpose to which donations are made.  However, this needs to be aligned to the overarching principles of the charity and not place an additional financial cost on the Scottish Ambulance Service.  A general fund is in place to be used at the discretion of the Trustees in line with the charity aims.

By making a donation, you are supporting an important emergency service, which serves the people of Scotland. Whilst we receive core funding direct from Scottish Government there are areas of our work where public donations can make a real difference.

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