A ‘Huge thank you’ to our Ambulance Crew

Alistair Weir

Alistair Weir, from Stirling, has praised the Scottish Ambulance Service team that came to his assistance after he fell ill. Paramedic Kelly Irvine, and ambulance technician Paul Shepherd received the call out on the morning of 15th March.

“Although they were initially puzzled by my presentation they decided that I needed to be checked out in Forth Valley Royal Hospital as they thought there may be a neurological issue,” said Alistair. “They were correct and an MRI scan revealed blood clots in the right side of my cerebellum. I have since read that I had most of the classic symptoms for this.”

“I and my wife Sheila are most appreciative of the care and analysis they provided which ensured that I got the treatment I needed and will continue to need. I'm now mostly recovered with just a bit of fatigue and further investigations are planned. So a huge thank you to you both and to all your colleagues.”

Posted on 14/04/2021