Scottish Ambulance Service now ACE accredited

ACE logo

Following a meeting with the International Academy of Emergency Dispatch on June 29, we are delighted to announce that our ACCs achieved Accredited Centre of Excellence (ACE) accreditation for the standard of its 999-call handling and supporting processes.

We are very proud of all our teams and what this means for the ACCs and the service. Thank you to everyone for your work and contribution towards this. 

Our triage system for 999, non-public emergency and non-emergency calls uses MPDS which is licenced by the International Academy of Emergency Dispatch (IAED).

All users of MPDS have an opportunity to achieve Accredited Centre of Excellence (ACE), ACE is reserved for high-performing services that consistently put in the work to achieve excellence. It’s a distinguished award and badge of honour for those who go all-in to cultivate control centre wide teamwork, innovation and by putting their patients first.

Over the last few years, we have been on a journey within our ACCs to improve patient outcomes by having better quality call handling, increasing the support provided to our teams and providing the investment and development time required by our teams to improve the quality of our 999 and HCP calls, audits, feedback and processes. 

The impact of this cannot be underestimated; caring for our patients is at the heart of everything we do and to see this level of improvement and quality should give everyone a great sense of achievement. 

Posted on 11/07/2023