Alice, 6, awarded bravery certificate by Scottish Ambulance Service

Alice with family and certificate at Paisley station with other ambulance service staff

A SIX-year-old has been awarded a bravery certificate from the Scottish Ambulance Service for alerting her dad to her brother having a seizure. 

Alice Cadywould, six, of Paisley was at home with her dad Robert when her brother Teddy, two, had a seizure on 22 November 2023. She also alerted a neighbour and kept watch for the ambulance until it arrived.

Alice recently visited Paisley Ambulance Station along with her dad, mum Margaret, gran Nancy, and brother to receive a certificate from Clare Scott, Area Service Manager for Argyll & Clyde. 

Robert, who works as a Manufacturing Agent, said: “Myself and Margaret are extremely proud of Alice and how well she handled what recently happened to Teddy, as well as all the other times Teddy has taken unwell. Teddy was only eight months old when he first took seriously unwell and spent two weeks in hospital. This was when we found out he had a fold on his brain called malformation of cortical development and he was then diagnosed with epilepsy as a result of this.

“We have never kept anything a secret from Alice about Teddy’s condition and she knows exactly what to look out for in Teddy when he is having a seizure."

Robert said the family were over the moon for Alice when she received the certificate.

Clare said: “This was an incredibly brave thing for Alice to do. It was lovely to meet her and her family at Paisley Station and commend her actions. Her brother is very lucky to have such a caring sister.” 

The crew who attended on the day, were Lewis Mccoll, Technician, Chris Murphy, Paramedic and Jennifer Blaney Advanced Practitioner, all based at Paisley Station. 

The family also met other staff members Ambulance Care Assistants Derek Taylor and Gillian Fyfe, Anthony McNair, Paramedic, and Phillip Black, VQ4 Student.


Posted on 17/01/2024