Fife Memorial Bench

Attendees sitting on a bench in the memorial garden

The official opening of a Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) memorial garden was held on Saturday (August 27) which will pay tribute to SAS staff.

The garden, at Silverburn Park in Largo Road, Leven, was inspired by Tom Robertson, retired SAS Area Service Manager, and the founder of the Scottish Ambulance Service Retirement Association (SASRA)SASRA.  It was officially opened by SAS Chief Executive Pauline Howie, who spoke at the launch.

A working group comprising Donna Hendry, Advanced Paramedic at Leven Station, Elizabeth Williams (ACA) and Alan McIntyre, a recently retired AP, worked together to raise the money.

After setting up a Crowdfunding page, they raised £1565, which was used to buy a memorial bench.

Donna said: “It is for ambulance staff to use for a period of reflection to remember those friends and colleagues who are no longer with us for one reason or another. Our working group has worked together to raise the money, find the plot and buy the bench and flowers.

“We hope will be a place of friendship, loyalty and remembrance for many years to come.  SAS is an amazing organisation to be part of, whatever our role happens to be and this will be a nice way to share with each other our stories and thoughts of days gone by and years yet to come. where we could remember the good times, funny stories and positive impact that our friends and colleagues have had on our lives. 

“We intend to keep an eye on the area and make sure it is always a fitting tribute to SAS friends and colleagues who went above and beyond."

The bench has been situated within the sensory garden and the opening will coincide with a wellness weekend which is being run by Silverburn Park. 


Posted on 29/08/2022