First time mum thanks SAS after delivering baby at home

Laura, Liam and baby Blaine

A mum who gave birth to her first child at home has sent a message of thanks to all the Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) staff who helped her deliver her baby boy during the “terrifying” incident.

Laura Jackson, of Rutherglen, went into labour while at home. Immediately calling 999 with the pending birth, she reached the call handler with two ambulances soon sent by dispatcher David Wales, staffed by Paramedic Stewart Ramsay, Glasgow East, and Technicians Nadine Nicholson and Yvonne Carlin, both of East Kilbride.

Since giving birth to Blaine, she made contact to praise all the staff involved.

Bank worker Laura, 30, said: “I had a very fast labour and delivered the baby in the house. It was only myself and my partner, Liam, at home and it was terrifying, however the SAS call handler was extremely helpful talking us through what to do and keeping us calm.

“An ambulance arrived at 8.45am and my baby was born at 9.05am. The technicians and paramedic helped us deliver the baby safely and really put me at ease after the birth and on the way to the
hospital. I’d like to thank them so much for everything and for getting our baby boy Blaine out safely.

Speaking about the rapid birth, she said after attending hospital earlier in the day, she was sent home.

She explained: “We got home about 6am being only 1cm dilated and I got in the bath to help with the contractions. It started getting really sore.

“Due to the pain, I had to get out the bath and I went through to my bedroom to try get comfortable on the bed.”

After a short time, Laura said she started to feel pressure and could feel the baby pushing down.

She added: “We had to phone the hospital again to tell them the baby was coming and we needed to get in to hospital now but they told us we wouldn’t have time to get to the hospital and we would need to phone an ambulance. My partner phoned the ambulance and they arrived and delivered Blaine in my bedroom.

“It was really scary, especially because it was our first baby and we didn’t know what to expect. My partner Liam was able to stay calm, which helped me and the SAS call handler was really helpful trying to keep him calm and prepare him in case the baby arrived before the ambulance. I’m just so grateful that they delivered Blaine safely and were there to help us in time.”

Laura said Blaine was doing “great” after the birth on August 30 now and added: “He’s getting so big already and is such a happy and content baby.”

Posted on 13/12/2022