Mum: 'I am so thankful'

A mum who did not realise she was in labour until she was delivering has thanked the two “amazing” paramedics who delivered her baby boy at home.

Natalie Green, of Glasgow, was at her property on April 7. Around 4am, her partner Stephen called 999, and Shaun Cairns and Lynne Ruthven of Glasgow South Station were dispatched.

Natalie, 24, high street bank customer service rep, said: “I was unaware I was in labour until I was pretty much delivering. The baby was in the birth canal before paramedics arrived and dad was preparing to deliver baby himself.

“I was only 34 weeks and 5 days pregnant - so, understandably, I was pretty much in shock and really scared that I was delivering at home without my medical team I had expected, and premature at that.

“The paramedic team were beyond amazing, helpful, calm, collected, easy to understand and clear and concise with instructions and information.” 

Oliver was delivered safely, weighing only 4lb 7oz. 

Natalie added: “Paramedics got him crying and wrapped in towels, and told me I had a baby boy! We had waited to find out and that moment was magical regardless of the nature of the experience. 

“I am so so thankful to the ambulance service and paramedics that attended me, not for one minute did I feel like I wasn't in safe hands. 

“Of all the things that went differently about my birth experience and especially being premature - all the things that could have went wrong - I felt listened to, respected, validated, heard, like my choices still mattered. Although scared, I felt safe and secure with these people looking after me and I trusted they would do everything they could to keep me and babe alive and well.” 

“I will rave about and compliment the Scottish Ambulance Service, those paramedics and the NHS to anyone that will listen, pandemic or not, lockdown or not - they were the paragons of professionalism, competence and done what they needed to do, even in the midst of a global disaster.”

Posted on 08/10/2020