New data reveals the numbers of attacks on ambulance staff over the last year

Over the last year, there have been over 308 physical and verbal assaults on the Scottish Ambulance Service’s staff by members of the public, new data from the Service has revealed.

Data from November 2021 to November 2022 shows that there has been 160 physical and 148 verbal attacks on our staff, including crews and those who work in our control rooms.

As the Service faces sustained pressure over the busy winter period, it’s urging the public to be respectful of staff when they call 999 or when crews arrive in their homes.

Pauline Howie, Chief Executive of the Scottish Ambulance Service said:

“The number of serious assaults our crews have experienced over the last year is extremely concerning. As we head towards Hogmanay, where there is a general increase in alcohol consumption, it’s more important than ever to raise awareness of this issue.

“Our staff have been working incredibly hard over the last couple of years, and they should be able to do their job safety, without fear of assault when treating patients, or when handling calls. Sadly, we've seen incidents occur in other parts of the NHS and against our police and fire colleagues too. We provide support to staff to report incidents to Police Scotland, so that they can take the matter further, but violence, whether physical or verbal, has a lasting effect.”

The Service has a range of measures in place to help protect staff, such as training in managing aggression and assessing risk. If crews have experienced violence in a particular area or at an address, then this will be flagged up and taken into consideration as to whether our crews need to attend with back-up from Police Scotland.

Posted on 29/12/2022