Young Minds Save Lives Project

What are we doing

The Young Minds Save Lives Project aims to provide local school children (S3) with knowledge and skills on how to respond in a medical emergency, including prevention in local high priority healthcare. There will also be a focus on raising awareness of future healthcare careers and volunteering.

Why we are doing it

We want to explore opportunities in working with the local community to support their anticipatory and preventative healthcare needs and issues, with the outcome of improving community health and wellbeing.

How we are doing it

Working with education providers, we are developing, supported by the young people themselves, a training programme that can be delivered in schools that is designed for the specific needs of the local community and provides interest to the young people.

So far, we have carried out workshops with 100 students from two secondary schools to: 

  • Identify topics that participating young people would most want covered as part of future training offered by the Scottish Ambulance Service.
  • Gain a greater understanding of young peoples’ preferred learning methods.
  • Get an insight into what excites/concerns young people about the prospect of building knowledge and skills in emergency healthcare.

Topics of interest to the young people

Responding in an emergency

  • what to expect when calling 999
  • how to help an unconscious person until help arrives
  • the recovery position
  • CPR (adults, young people and infants/babies)
  • defibrillators - how to locate them and how to use them
  • choking
  • first aid - knife wounds, excessive bleeding, head injuries etc..

Local high-priority health care that focuses on prevention and responding in an emergency

  • drug and alcohol harm
  • chest pains/heart attacks
  • strokes
  • breathing problems
  • diabetes
  • mental health
  • falls management

Career and volunteer pathways

  • work experience
  • further education
  • cadet programme
  • volunteering opportunities
  • peer led education

We warmly welcome members of the Govanhill Community to participate in our project. Your valuable feedback and creative ideas are essential to ensure we get it right for the community. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any ideas, questions or need further information.

Let’s collaborate and make a positive impact together.

You can email: