Paediatric Care

Some children need specialist care when they are admitted to hospital.  The clinical staff caring for your child may recommend that they are transferred to a hospital that provides this specialised care.  A specialist division of the Scottish Ambulance Service referred as the ScotSTAR Paediatric Service carries out this transfer. The information below explains who will be transferring your child and how they will be transferred.

Why is my child being transferred?

Your child is being transferred for specialist care to the paediatric intensive care unit (PICU), where specially trained doctors, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, nurses and other health care providers can give the additional care she/he requires.

Who will be transferring my child?

The specialist team consists of senior staff specifically trained to transport sick and critically ill children.

Some considerable time may be spent at the referring hospital before the team can leave. This allows the team to assess and stabilise your child before the journey.

What happens when the specialist team arrives?

The team will introduce themselves and then speak to you in more detail prior to leaving with your child.

Can I travel with my child?

Space in the ambulance, plane or helicopter is limited, so it may not always be possible for you to travel with your child. However, staff will do their best to accommodate you.

How will I get to the hospital and PICU?

The referring hospital staff or our team will give you directions. If you do not have your own transport and cannot travel with the team the referring hospital staff will arrange transport for you. Please DO NOT try to follow the ambulance as this can be dangerous. The ambulance may use blue lights and sirens to avoid traffic congestion.

How will I know what is happening on the journey?

The team will take a contact number prior to leaving. On arrival in PICU the team will call and update you on the transfer and your child’s condition. you can see the telephone numbers of the PICU in Glasgow and Edinburgh at the bottom of this page. They may be able to contact the team in the ambulance if you wish.

What will happen when we arrive?

You should enter the hospital by the main entrance and ask the receptionist to telephone the PICU to say that you have arrived. You will be directed to the PICU. You may have to wait in the parent’s room until the staff come to speak with you.

Can I stay in the hospital?

There is limited accommodation but the staff will try to accommodate you as best as they can.

PICU Contacts

Royal Hospital for Children and Young People
50 Little France Crescent
Edinburgh Bio Quarter
Edinburgh EH16 4TJ

PICU Main Desk: 0131 312 0919
Switch Board: 0131 536 1000

Car park 1B is free of charge. You can access the main entrance 24 hours a day

Royal Hospital for Children
1345 Govan Road, Govan
Glasgow G51 4TF

PICU Base 1: 0141 452 4710
PICU Base 2: 0141 452 4760
Switch Board : 0141 201 0000

Parking is free. There is a multi-storey near the children’s hospital. Main entrance accessible from 7am to 8pm. Access to PICU via children’s A&E out of hours.

Giving us feedback

We welcome and encourage feedback on the Service we provide.  If you have any feedback on the Paediatric team, please send it to our patient feedback team here.