Purchasing an Automated External Defibrillator

Heartstart First Aid Defibrillator

There are a significant number of Automated External Defibrillators available and they all work in same manner with easy to follow audio and visual prompts and instructions. 

The Scottish Ambulance Service works with many AED's and cannot recommend which AED would be best for your community.

Displayed below is a list of companies we have been working with and represents some of the AED's available for purchase. Each contact can provide further information about the cost and features of each AED. 
The Phillips FRx AED is compatible with Scottish Ambulance Service crew defibrillators and is used by our Community First Responders. 
Please contact: 
Martin Quinn at martin.quinn@laerdal.com for more information 

Physio - Control
We are placing LIFEPAK CR+ in sports venues at the moment in partnership with the Craig Hodgkinson Memorial Trust. 
Please contact: 
Bianca Daly at Bianca.daly@physio-control.com for more information 

Zoll AED Plus; nominated supplier through the British Heart Foundation part funded Defibrillator initiative. 
Please contact: 
LWestcott@zoll.com or gmccarry@zoll.comfor more information 

All ASDA stores in the UK have purchased and place these AEDs in their stores. 


We work with the following charities which can help with funding or get you the AED at cost price.

SADs UK –  sadsuk.org.uk

British Heart  Foundation – www.bhf.org.uk

St John Scotland - www.stjohnscotland.org.uk/projects/at-home/public-access-defibrillators

Remember if you purchase an AED to register it with the Circuit