Vaccination bus in the Highlands

SAS’s flu vaccination bus is targeting the Highlands

School students in the Highlands are being offered easy access to the flu vaccination, through the Scottish Ambulance Service’s drop-in vaccination bus.

Ken Climber

Man given “the gift of life” from Scottish Ambulance Service

A man who had a heart attack while feeding his horse and sheep said the ambulance crew who attended to him has given him “the gift of life”.

Learning CPR

Learning CPR to Save Lives for Restart a Heart Day

The Scottish Ambulance Service, along with healthcare organisations across the UK, are urging the public to get hands on and learn CPR for Restart a Heart Day.

Jeanne thanks crew who saved her

Jeanne thanks the quick-thinking crew who kept her alive

Jeanne Reilly highlights the importance of learning CPR skill after she had a cardiac arrest in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.

An ambulance going to an emergency

Call handler 'saved my husband's life'

A woman who performed CPR on her husband has sent a heartfelt thanks to the call handler who saved his life after giving instructions over the phone.