Scottish Ambulance Service recruits in record numbers

The Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) has continued to increase its staffing and resources at pace this year as part of its Demand and Capacity Programme.

Call handler Lorna meets baby Fraser and mum Alex

Parents thank call handler who saved the life of their newborn son

The parents of a baby who was born premature in a Fife Air BnB have thanked the Scottish Ambulance Service call handler who helped save his life.

New boost for SAS’s mental health provision

The Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) is boosting its mental health resources, with the recruitment of 21 new mental health staff, and the continuation of the successful Mental Health Triage cars in Dundee, Glasgow and Inverness.


Young Benji's heroic act to call 999 for his mum

A six year old has been rewarded with a bravery certificate from the Scottish Ambulance Service for calling 999 for his mum during an emergency.

Community First Responder speaks on importance of volunteers

A Community First Responder has spoken of the importance of the role and what benefits they bring to communities across Scotland.