How we respond to Mental Health

A 999 Call Taker

As well as physical health, we respond to many patients with mental health issues. Our aim is to provide care that is person-centred and tailored to what the individual requirements are for patients suffering from mental health. To achieve this, we have several pathways for the patient. These include:

Distress Brief Intervention

It is widely understood that taking a patient who is affected by mental health issues to an Emergency Department will not provide the best outcome for the patient.

Working with a number of partners, including SAMH, the Samaritans and NHS24, patients over the age of 16 who are suffering from distress, but do not require further emergency service involvement will be referred to the Mental Health Hub by either our Control Centre or the crew treating the patient. The Mental Health Hub, run by NHS24, is staffed by psychological wellbeing practitioners, mental health nurse practitioners and mental health senior charge nurses. It will provide direct support to the patient and/or refer them into a mental health service.

Mental Health Triage Car

Working with our partners, we have mental health triage cars in Glasgow, Dundee and Inverness. These cars are staffed by a Paramedic (with additional mental health training), a Mental Health Nurse and sometimes a Police Officer. They will respond to patients identified by our Control Centre. We are looking to expand this service to other areas of Scotland.